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Key Revenue Management strategies for Revenue optimization

Revenue Resort offers you innovative and up-to-date training focused on vacation accommodations


In the hotel industry, resorts have different parameters and analytical data compared to a business hotel, so they must be treated differently. The keys to success lie in the study of their particularities.

Characteristics of Resort properties:

Segmentation impacted by a more complex distribution


Longer average length of stay

More price sensitivity

Higher contribution in Food & Beverage and Other income

Higher fixed costs for the services offered

Additional displacement from groups


Resort properties need specific Revenue Management strategies, different from business properties, to maximize opportunities and facilitate your Resort growth.

Our unique trainings are designed to optimize the business performance for Resort owners based on our experience; focusing on specific Resort Revenue Management strategies.

We have more than 20 years´ experience in Revenue Management for 5 star Resorts and Business Hotels. We know exactly the areas to focus and where the Revenue management opportunities for Resorts are, helping you to achieve your goals.

Demand segmentation

Inventory optimization to maximize RevPar opportunities


Pricing strategies

Hotel Distribution and Redistributors strategies

Identify your actual market positioning, benchmarking

The ideal Business Mix to maximize your GOP

Pace and Pick up for best strategic decisions

Account Intelligence, analyze your account performance and implement actions

The impact of Social Media and online reviews

Group analysis: Contribution and displacement

Training in Revenue Management strategies to optimize your revenues

We have more than 20 years´ experience in Revenue Management for an international company

Personalized trainings helping you in your strategic decisions

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